A Barcelona Photo Diary!

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Barcelona is a city filled with gorgeous Gaudi architecture, vibrant streets and lots of tasty tapas. No wonder millions of tourist fall in love with Barcelona every year. Here are some of my favorite moments that made me fall in love with Barcelona!

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A Paris Photo Diary! 

Paris has once again stolen my heart! It’s romantic streets and sweet treats will make you fall in love with it as well. From eating macarons near the Eiffel Tower to placing a lock on the love lock bridge, Paris  will forever be one of my favorite places in the world.
Here is my trip to Paris in pictures….

10 Things to do in Cinque Terre!

cinque-terre-pin-pic-finalAlong the coast of the Italian Rivera just before the French border lie 5 small towns known as the Cinque Terre. These five quaint towns tucked in between luscious hills are called Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corgnilia, Vernazza and Monterosso Al Mare.These towns own a little piece of my heart since this place is by far my favorite place I have ever travelled to! So when you are traveling to Cinque Terre you must experience each little town in its own unique way! Then you will surely find our why I love this place so much! So here is my travel guide to Cinque Terre! 

10 Things You Have to Do in Cinque Terre! 

 1. Eat Seafood with a View!


Since the towns of Cinque Terre are located right on the sea, many of the restaurants feature spectacular seafood dishes. One of my favorite meals was from a small restaurant in Manarola that served us freshly made crab pasta. It was amazing! If you are as obsessed with seafood as I am, you will not be disappointed with all the seafood these town have to offer! Calamari, calms, crab oh my!

 2.Spend the Day Sun Tanning in Monterosso!

cinque-terre-pic-6The Italian Rivera has the most incredible water! So you must spend a day just relaxing  on the pebble beach in Monterosso Al Mare just watching the turquoise waves hitting the shore.

3. Eat Gelato in Riomaggiore


Is it even possible to go to Italy and not consume gelato daily? So eating gelato as you walk through the streets of Riomaggiore is just essential!

4. Watch the Sunset Over Looking the Ocean in Manarola! 


Watching the sun setting over the ocean is absolutely magical! On our first night in Manarola we just sat on our patio and watched the mesmerizing sunset. Also don’t forget to snap a few pics #nofilter !

5. Climb Up the Tower in Vernazza


This tower has the most incredible panoramic views of  Vernazza!  The climb is truly breath taking! Not only the view itself but the climb as well… nonetheless its worth it! You will see every multicoloured buildings in Vernazza along with the turquoise coast!

6. Admire the Local Shops in Corgnilia!


Corgnilia is often overlooked since it is the smallest town in Cinque Terre and is tucked up in the hills. However this peaceful town is filled with adorable locally owned shops. Its the perfect place to find a souvenir hand made from a local!

7.  Sip on Limoncello by the Sea in Manarola!


After a long day of swimming, sun tanning and sight seeing its time to sip on some Limoncello! Manarola is filled with lemon trees so lemons are everywhere! One of my favourite places to have a late afternoon drink is at this little bar above the town of Manarola! It has the most beautiful view of the town and has the best appetizers as well!  It  was also my favourite place to celebrate my 22nd birthday while in Cinque Terre!

8. Indulge in Some Pesto on a Patio! 


Did you know that pesto was created in the Cinque Terre region? Therefore there is pesto on everything!  Pizza, pasta and even bruschetta! No matter how you eat it the pesto is absolutely delicious!

9. Jump from the Rocks in Manarola!


One of the craziest things I saw while in Cinque Terre was the rock jumpers in Manarola! The swimmers would climb up the rock and dive into the crystal clear water! So if you are an adrenaline junky I dare you to take the plunge! If you are not into that stuff like me, Manarola still has the best spot to go for a dip! Plus it has picture worthy views!

10. Take a million Instagram worthy pictures in Riomaggiore! 


Speaking of picture worthy views…every piece of Cinque Terre is instagram worthy!  These multi-coloured towns are so picturesque! I could not put my camera down the entire time I was here!

Thank you so much for reading by Cinque Terre travel guide! I hope you enjoy Cinque Terre as much as I did!

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The Best of Rome

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Rome is a city filled with ancient artifacts, roman history and lots of pasta! There is really so much to see in Rome. People from all over the world travel to Rome to see the Colosseum and throw a coin into the Trevi fountain. However there is so much more to this ancient city. The cobblestone streets are filled with so much history it will truly leave you in awe. After my recent five day trip to Rome I figured out the perfect itinerary to see my favourite spots in Rome. Of course this won’t be perfect for everyone so just use it more as a guide line when planning your trip to Rome! So here is my guide to seeing Rome in 4 days!

rome pic 3.jpg

Day one: The Colosseum, The Roman Forum & The Monument of Victor Emmanuel II.

Of course like I said before, no trip to Rome is complete without seeing the Colosseum! I highly suggest booking your tickets in advance or getting the Roma Pass so you can skip the line! There is so much to see in Rome so don’t waste your time in a line! I also recommend going first thing in the morning. There is usually less crowds! When planning your Rome itinerary I would dedicate a whole morning to seeing the Colosseum and exploring the Roman Forum.

rome pic 4.jpg

rome pic 6.jpg

After visiting the Colosseum walk to the Roman Forum. This is not the most breathtaking part of Rome, its more visualizing what Rome use to look like. However the history of the Roman Forum is incredible. To think you are walking through ancient government buildings and even Julius Caesar shallow grave, its pretty amazing. The Roman Forum is quite large so make sure you’re wearing comfortable shoes. The ground is very uneven and lots of steps to climb up to get an amazing view of the Forum and city. This area is also very spread out and includes a couple of buildings to explore. If you’re a history enthusiast and enjoy walking among ruins give yourself a few hours here. If not I would still explore the Forum and learn the story about Romulus and Remus and ancient Rome. Between the Colosseum and the Roman Forum I would give myself at least four hours to begin to understand the history of Rome.

rome pic 5.jpg

rome pic 17

Once you have gotten enough of the Roman Forum walk over to the Monument of Victor Emmanuel II. This massive marble monument was built for the first king of Italy (Victor Emmanuel II) who was said to have unified the country. This building also commemorates the tomb of the unknown soldier. After respectfully snapping pictures at the steps climb up the stairs and into the building where you will find more stairs that will eventually lead you the perfect spot to see all of Rome. 

rome pic 18

After your day exploring the history of Rome it’s time to relax enjoy some dinner and grab some gelato. The best way to enjoy Rome is to not overwhelm yourself too much. Its an extremely busy city and with so much to see and do it can be extremely exhausting. So don’t try and see everything in one day.

rome pic 8.jpg

Day Two: The Vatican, St Peter’s Basilica & Trastevere Neighbourhood

You really can’t go all the way to Rome without visiting the Vatican city! Even if you are not religious The Vatican museum is a must see! There is so much history in The Vatican museum you can easily spend all day there. Unfortunately there is so much more to see in Rome so you should probably only spend a couple hours there. Therefore start your day third day off early and visit St. Peter’s Basilica first. If you buy your tickets in advance, which I highly recommend since the lines are crazy, you will have to book your entrance time before hand. We recommend visiting St. Peter’s Basilica first since it takes less time to admire, leaving you more time to roam around the Vatican Museum. When we booked our tickets we gave ourselves two hours to take pictures in the Basilica and take a quick break before entering The Vatican for noon. I also highly recommend going as early in the day as possible to avoid at least some crowds. Plus it takes around 3- 4 hours to walk through everything!

rome pic 11

After spending a few hours in awe of the Sistine Chapel and everything else The Vatican has to offer, begin to stroll down to the river banks of the Tiber. Just down the street from The Vatican is Castel Sant’angelo this cylindrical building towers over the Tiber river. You can head to the top to see panoramic views of Rome or snap a few pictures at the base! After indulging in more Roman history continue your stroll along the Tiber.

rome pic 9

This walk along the river banks is not only beautiful, it will lead you to one of my favourite neighbourhoods in Rome called Trastevere! This area is filled with rustic buildings and adorable shops. After spending hours admiring art, its time to grab some gelato and browse some family owned stores! Trastevere is filled with so many charming streets you could really spend hours just gazing at them! This area is also the perfect spot to grab dinner! Nothing is better than a big plate of pasta after exploring an entire country and part of Rome! Hahaha!

rome pic 13.jpg

Day Three: The Trevi Fountain, The Panthenon & The Spanish Steps

Ah the Trevi Fountain. Something on everyones bucket list. They do say if you throw a coin into the Trevi Fountain you will surely come back to Rome. Well I have been to Rome three times so it must be true! HAHA! This is quite the tourist spot so I highly suggest waking up early and getting to the fountain right away. Lucky for us we were staying at an airbnb a minute walk from the Trevi Fountain so we went there at 8 am one day to take pictures! The early morning was sure worth it since we got there before all the tour groups and there was only a handful of people there! We got some of the best pictures since there wasn’t a million tourists photo bombing us!

rome pic 19.jpg

rome pic 7.jpg

Afterwards take a five minute stroll along the cobblestone streets until you reach the Pantheon. The Pantheon is the most preserved and most influential Ancient Roman monument.  This temple also has the largest unsupported dome in the world! The Pantheon is also where the tombs of  Victor Emmanuel II and famous painter Raphael is located. This place was absolutely incredible and it’s so crazy to think it was built in 125 CE!  Also don’t forget to stand in the centre of the Pantheon and look up! rome pic 23.jpg

rome pic 21.jpg

While you are at the pantheon you have to try the best gelato place in the entire world Della Palma Gelato! It’s just down the street from the Pantheon and it has over 150 flavours of gelato! All there gelato is fresh and filled with delicious chunks of flavour! I have never seen so many drool worthy flavours in my life! Since our airbnb was a two minute walk from this place we went there every single day while in Rome! I cannot say enough good things about this place! After you grab your gelato grab a seat by the fountain near the Pantheon and people watch!

rome pic 22.jpg

After devouring your gelato head down to the Spanish Steps. It’s about a fifteen minute walk from the Pantheon and along the way there is tons of shopping. I’m not going to lie I think the Spanish Steps are completely over hyped. Every single time I go there its under construction and the building is boarded up.I just think there is so many more beautiful places in Rome! Nonetheless the area surrounding the steps is perfect for spending an afternoon shopping! After a busy day of exploring the streets of Rome its time to find a place to eat! One of the best parts of Italy is the food! Not just any food, local, handmade, delicious food! While in Rome I encourage you to try what Rome is famous for. Such as, thin-crust Roman pizza & carbonara pasta! Yes its true, Italian food is region. So the pizza in Naples tastes different than the pizza in Rome! So try out different food in eat region while in Italy!

Rome pic 26.jpg

Day Four: Cooking Class & Piazza Navona

After spending three days consumed by tourist attractions it’s a good idea to spend a day living like a local and relaxing a bit. If you’re a total foodie you must spend a day wandering around Piazza Navona and try making your own Italian dishes! One of my favourite areas in Rome is Piazza Navona. This historic square has a beautiful fountain with an obelisk in the centre. While admiring the fountain of the four rivers I encourage you to learn about the history of one of the most beautiful squares in Rome! We loved watching the cobbled stone square come to life! Couples kissing by the fountain, families eating dinner on the patio and kids running around with gelato. We enjoyed sitting the centre and simple just soaking up the Italian sun. This area was also our favourite place to eat. Just a block off of Piazza Navona was some of our favourite places to eat in Rome. There was tons of adorable restaurants with amazing homemade pasta. We ate on the patio every night!

rome pic 28

Rome pic 24.jpg

When in Rome we highly recommend taking an Italian cooking class . It was highlight of our trip to Italy forsure! We did the Open Market and Pasta Making Cooking Class by Navona Square through Viator and we were so glad we did! We were welcomed by our lovely chef who took us on a little tour through Piazza Navona before arriving at his family’s home. We loved how he made us feel at home and our class was very hands on since there was round 8 of us. We learned how to make strozzapreti, tagliatelle alla chitarra, cavatelli rigati, tortellini and Ravioli pasta! Then we topped all those pastas with fresh pesto, carbonara and bolognese sauce! Making all those different kinds of pasta from scratch was so much fun! Nevertheless the absolute best part was of course the feast after all of our hard work! SO MUCH PASTA!

rome pic 25

Rome is one magical city. From the rich history to the rich food, there is something for everyone to see in Rome! There is so much to see in Rome it can be extremely overwhelming to see it all! While planning your trip to Rome I highly recommend staying at least four day to see the best of Rome! The more days the better in Rome!

I have been to Rome three times and I still haven’t see everything this city has to offer! So don’t feel the need to see every single thing you read about Rome! Spend more time doing what you actually want to do, not what everyone else tells you to do and you will enjoy your time more!

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Beautiful Burano Italy

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Burano, Italy

Burano is absolutely beautiful. Burano is a small island in the Venetian lagoon about an hour boat ride from Venice. If you have some extra time while visiting Venice I highly recommend spending at least an afternoon exploring the colourful canals of Burano. I was lucky enough to spend a quiet afternoon in Burano during my trip to Venice. This small island was filled with colourful houses, adorable shops and a lot less tourists than Venice! This island is famous for it’s seafood dishes, silk scarves and of course the picturesque canals. We could not help but try some delicious seafood risotto after we peaked through all the shops (we bought some scarves that were made on the island to!) Burano is absolutely one of my favorite places in Italy and I would love to go back one day! My favourite part of Burano was simply just walking around and taking pictures…

burano pic 6

All the buildings are so colorful…

burano pic 7

. . . and each house has its own boat!

burano pic 8

You won’t see any cars on this island . . .

burano pic 5

. . . just some clothes drying in the wind!

burano pic 2

Burano is filled with a lot less tourists. . .

burano pic 3

. . . but there is still so much cuteness!

burano pic 1

The Best of Venice

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Venice is like no other place in the world. Travellers from all over the world visit Venice for its romantic canals, Italian culture and picturesque bridges. This city truly captivates the hearts of everyone who wanders it. Here is my guide to see one of the most beautiful cities in the world!

How to See the Best of Venice…

  1. Get lost wandering the picturesque canals

Venice pic 1

2. Eat some delicious gelato while you watch the gondola’s go by

venice 10

3. Walk through The Bridge of Sighs to snap a different perspective of the bridge

venice pic 8

4. Search the streets to find “Venice’s hidden gem”


venice 9

5. Then climb up Scala Contarini del Bovolo to view all the roof tops of Venice

Venice 13

6. Relax from the tourist crowds on a quintessential gondola ride

Venice pic 3

7. Wake up early to experience the less touristy side of Venice. It’s the perfect opportunity to take a picture of The Bridge of Sighs.

venice 12

8. Admire the breathtaking art in Dodges Palace

Venice pic 4venice pic 5

9. Count the boats passing through the Grand Canal

venice pic 6

10. Get to know the history of Venice by touring St Mark’s Basilica

venice 14

11. View St Mark’s square from the water

venice 15

12. Enjoy some delicious seafood pasta with a view!

venice pic 11

13. Explore Rialto Market after viewing the famous Rialto Bridge

venice 16

14. Fall in love with the city all over again as you watch the sunset

Venice 17

15. Lastly, capture photos of all the charming buildings around every corner. Venice is such a beautiful place so enjoy every moment.

Venice pic 2