The Best of Venice

the best of venice pinterest

Venice is like no other place in the world. Travellers from all over the world visit Venice for its romantic canals, Italian culture and picturesque bridges. This city truly captivates the hearts of everyone who wanders it. Here is my guide to see one of the most beautiful cities in the world!

How to See the Best of Venice…

  1. Get lost wandering the picturesque canals

Venice pic 1

2. Eat some delicious gelato while you watch the gondola’s go by

venice 10

3. Walk through The Bridge of Sighs to snap a different perspective of the bridge

venice pic 8

4. Search the streets to find “Venice’s hidden gem”


venice 9

5. Then climb up Scala Contarini del Bovolo to view all the roof tops of Venice

Venice 13

6. Relax from the tourist crowds on a quintessential gondola ride

Venice pic 3

7. Wake up early to experience the less touristy side of Venice. It’s the perfect opportunity to take a picture of The Bridge of Sighs.

venice 12

8. Admire the breathtaking art in Dodges Palace

Venice pic 4venice pic 5

9. Count the boats passing through the Grand Canal

venice pic 6

10. Get to know the history of Venice by touring St Mark’s Basilica

venice 14

11. View St Mark’s square from the water

venice 15

12. Enjoy some delicious seafood pasta with a view!

venice pic 11

13. Explore Rialto Market after viewing the famous Rialto Bridge

venice 16

14. Fall in love with the city all over again as you watch the sunset

Venice 17

15. Lastly, capture photos of all the charming buildings around every corner. Venice is such a beautiful place so enjoy every moment.

Venice pic 2


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