10 Things to do in Cinque Terre!

cinque-terre-pin-pic-finalAlong the coast of the Italian Rivera just before the French border lie 5 small towns known as the Cinque Terre. These five quaint towns tucked in between luscious hills are called Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corgnilia, Vernazza and Monterosso Al Mare.These towns own a little piece of my heart since this place is by far my favorite place I have ever travelled to! So when you are traveling to Cinque Terre you must experience each little town in its own unique way! Then you will surely find our why I love this place so much! So here is my travel guide to Cinque Terre! 

10 Things You Have to Do in Cinque Terre! 

 1. Eat Seafood with a View!


Since the towns of Cinque Terre are located right on the sea, many of the restaurants feature spectacular seafood dishes. One of my favorite meals was from a small restaurant in Manarola that served us freshly made crab pasta. It was amazing! If you are as obsessed with seafood as I am, you will not be disappointed with all the seafood these town have to offer! Calamari, calms, crab oh my!

 2.Spend the Day Sun Tanning in Monterosso!

cinque-terre-pic-6The Italian Rivera has the most incredible water! So you must spend a day just relaxing  on the pebble beach in Monterosso Al Mare just watching the turquoise waves hitting the shore.

3. Eat Gelato in Riomaggiore


Is it even possible to go to Italy and not consume gelato daily? So eating gelato as you walk through the streets of Riomaggiore is just essential!

4. Watch the Sunset Over Looking the Ocean in Manarola! 


Watching the sun setting over the ocean is absolutely magical! On our first night in Manarola we just sat on our patio and watched the mesmerizing sunset. Also don’t forget to snap a few pics #nofilter !

5. Climb Up the Tower in Vernazza


This tower has the most incredible panoramic views of  Vernazza!  The climb is truly breath taking! Not only the view itself but the climb as well… nonetheless its worth it! You will see every multicoloured buildings in Vernazza along with the turquoise coast!

6. Admire the Local Shops in Corgnilia!


Corgnilia is often overlooked since it is the smallest town in Cinque Terre and is tucked up in the hills. However this peaceful town is filled with adorable locally owned shops. Its the perfect place to find a souvenir hand made from a local!

7.  Sip on Limoncello by the Sea in Manarola!


After a long day of swimming, sun tanning and sight seeing its time to sip on some Limoncello! Manarola is filled with lemon trees so lemons are everywhere! One of my favourite places to have a late afternoon drink is at this little bar above the town of Manarola! It has the most beautiful view of the town and has the best appetizers as well!  It  was also my favourite place to celebrate my 22nd birthday while in Cinque Terre!

8. Indulge in Some Pesto on a Patio! 


Did you know that pesto was created in the Cinque Terre region? Therefore there is pesto on everything!  Pizza, pasta and even bruschetta! No matter how you eat it the pesto is absolutely delicious!

9. Jump from the Rocks in Manarola!


One of the craziest things I saw while in Cinque Terre was the rock jumpers in Manarola! The swimmers would climb up the rock and dive into the crystal clear water! So if you are an adrenaline junky I dare you to take the plunge! If you are not into that stuff like me, Manarola still has the best spot to go for a dip! Plus it has picture worthy views!

10. Take a million Instagram worthy pictures in Riomaggiore! 


Speaking of picture worthy views…every piece of Cinque Terre is instagram worthy!  These multi-coloured towns are so picturesque! I could not put my camera down the entire time I was here!

Thank you so much for reading by Cinque Terre travel guide! I hope you enjoy Cinque Terre as much as I did!

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